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Wood Pellet is currently the most widely used form of biomass fuel with its popularity continuing to grow worldwide, an estimated 16.5 million tonnes of wood pellet were used globally last year alone.

What are its Applications?

Wood Pellet is used in various fields such as:

  • Home heating.

  • Industrial Raw Materials.

  • Waste Pelletizing.

  • Barbecue and outdoor heater.

  • Commercial Heating.

  • Power Generation.

  • Animal Bedding.

  • Cooking and Grilling.

  • Soil Amendment.

  • Waste Management.

Advantage of Wood Pellet

  • Wood pellets are manufactured under controlled conditions, resulting in consistent quality and performance. Their standardized size, shape, and moisture content ensure uniform combustion and heat output, providing reliable heating or energy generation.

  • Wood pellets can be used for various purposes, including residential and commercial heating, industrial processes, electricity generation, and cooking. Their versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, providing a renewable alternative to fossil fuels in many sectors.

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