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Palm fibre is the general term for the fibre being extracted from oil palm. More important, the oil palm fibre is clean, bio-degradable and non-toxin that could participate in many usages.

Most of the oil palm fibre has been used as one of the biomass media.  A selected portion of fibre size has been used to replace coconut fibre; that fibre could be use for fibre mattress, fibre board, cushion, rugs, carpets and rope manufacturing.


Part of the product could also used for environmental friendly project, such as landscaping, land erosion control, soil stabilization, acoustic control.


Specification information:
- Palm fibre from empty fruit bunches of oil palm
          - Moisture content 15%
          - Length5 to 8 inches 
          - Color yellow brown
          - Dimension of the bale 70 x 90 x 65-80 cm
          - Weight bale 140-150 kg
          - Packaging: Steel strapped or Plastic strapped
          - 1 container 40 feet hc load 117-156 bale (16-22 ton)

Advantage of palm fibre

  • Bast fibres: Jute, flax, hemp, kenaf, bamboo

  • Seed fibres: Cotton, coir, kapok

  • Leaf fibres: Sisal, pineapple, banana, abaca, palmGrass and reed fibres: Rice, corn, wheat

  • Core fibres: Hemp, kenaf, jute


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