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Palm Fibre Mat is a 100% organic fibre, from a renewable source - Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB). They can dissipate the energy of flowing water and absorb the excess solar radiation.


Palm Fibre Mat offer:

  • 100 % Natural fibre, extracted from Empty Fruit Bunch

  • Adds organic material to soil

  • Promotes vegetative growth

  • 100% Bio-degradable and environmentally friendly

  • Tough, durable, versatile and resilient

  • High tear-strength resistance

  • Easy to install / maintain / patch-up.

  • Follows the contour of the soil surface.

  • Hygroscopic properties (absorbing or attracting moisture from the air)

  • High tensile strength

  • Can absorb water, allowing re-vegetation in low rain areas

  • Can dissipate the energy of following water and absorb the excess solar radiation.

  • Can be successfully utilized in controlling even the steepest of slopes from erosion.

Advantage of palm fibre mat

  • Reduction of transportation effort and cost as the mats are easy to handle

  • Reduction on fertilizers

  • Health and safety of staff are not unnecessarily compromised as there is less need to handle weed



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