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EFB fibre is the general term for the fibre being extracted from oil palm. EFB fiber can further classify into shredded fibre. EFB fibre is very light and can absorb a lot of water without congealing. To become usable fibre, the EFB palm goes through process which involve EFB palm to shredded, separated, refined and dried.

Kimoya Corporation Sdn Bhd is able to produce large quantities of oil palm EFB fibre, which are not only long, clean and fine, but also in uniformity through our self-designed and installed custom-built production lines.


Palm fibre is a superior substitute to coconut fibre due to its strong bond that are commonly used in making :

• Mattress and cushion production

• Erosion control mat/blanket for landscaping and horticulture

• Moulded wares and composite material production

• Medium density fiberboard manufacturing

• Paper and pulp production

• Acoustics control

• Compost and fertilizer


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