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About Kimoya Corporation
KIMOYA CORPORATION SDN BHD is leading global manufacturing of palm fibre and coconut fibre. We offer high quality palm fibre and coconut fibre with competitive price within the stiputaled time of delivery.
Palm Fibre
Palm fibre is superior substitute to coconut fibre due to its strong bond that are commonly used in making mattress and cushion production, rope manufacturing, rugs and carpets production, erosion control, soil stabilization, compaction, landscaping and horticulture, ceramic and brick manufacturing, thermoplastic filler, flat board manufacturing, paper production, acoustic control, livestock care, compost, fertilizer, animal feed and many others.
Coconut Fibre
Coconut fibre is used to produce hawsers, ropes, cords, runners, mats, brooms, brushes, mattresses, car seat and some upholstered furnitures.


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